Now Available for Pre-Ordering

Now Available for Pre-Ordering
"Voyage of Purpose" © David and Cindy Bennett. released by Findhorn Press, Scotland, October 2011

Monday, October 3, 2011

We are so Blessed

We want to Thank everyone for your powerful and empowering voices that have been endorsing the book. Here are some of the most recent reviews.

However you read this book, it is a powerful experience. At the most basic, mundane level, it is an incredible story of the triumph of the human spirit over the most devastating challenges life can throw at us. Abandonment, abuse, drowning and physical death, cancer and the overwhelming pain of a collapsed spine - David Bennett overcame them all. The story, however, is in what they taught him and what he, as a result, was able to learn about the real essence of spirit - his own and the greater whole of which we are all a part - and how we are never alone. Through his near death experience and the sensitivity that brought on, David became a spiritual teacher of the highest calling, and this book is a gift to all who read it.
Miriam Knight "New Consciousness Review" 

David you have given my spirit such a lift with your wonderful book!..and I am only half way through it.
The depth and beauty you have expressed is such a rich experience! I have heard you speak many times, enjoyed it every time, with all you share but this is a gift I want to share with a dedicated "bookie" this will be a Christmas present to souls I deeply care about. Thanks to you and Cindy for a richly meaningful , soul uplifting, deeply stirring,inspiring book! ~ Love and blessings, Betty

It puts all in simple terms and does a fine task of addressing any possible
fears of dying. In fact, you have been able to show the absolute beauty that I personally found difficult to articulate in describing my own NDE experience. Many thanks to you and Cindy for this excellent book.  Sincerely, Marie
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