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Now Available for Pre-Ordering
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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Transformation of Consciousness

When we transform our consciousness, we participate in the transformation of the world we know.  Let us look through the fog to see clearly what a transformation in consciousness is and promote its development, also let’s examine catalysts and doorways we know of that produce a life long lasting transformation.

Because you have a hammer in your hand, doesn’t mean you know how to build a house.  What is it that makes an extraordinary experience transform into lasting change?  In a garden you must prepare the soil and plant seeds to have something to harvest later. Not all the seeds will grow unless you give the seeds what they need to thrive.

Transformation can be a gradual life long process, or it can be precipitated by a sudden shift sometimes painful, or possibly an exceptional experience. When we experience a shift in our worldview, we often feel nothing will ever be the same. Like water wearing away stone, integrating transformative experiences into our core way of being often requires time, patience and inner work. Reconditioning and reshuffling priorities may be required to catch up with our new expanded worldview.

Consciousness itself doesn’t change, instead it is our perception of consciousness that changes. Who we are authentically doesn't change, rather our false selves are shed and elements of our higher consciousness are recalled, integrated and aligned with who we really are. Being able to step back and look at our beliefs gives an opportunity to see the outdated ones and make room for the new ones calling out for transformation. Intellect can only get us so far, letting go, we can open to new states of awareness.

Transformation is aided by a strong sense of curiosity and inquisitiveness rather than being suspicious of new information. Become a soul in wonder - childlike, reaching a point where we look for what’s next. What is going to happen today? Yes we have things to accomplish, yet leave an opening for the new to present itself into the present.

Making time in life for creativity allows us to inspire new ideas. We are wired for seeking (since our hunter gatherer ancestors) and creativity allows us to open to our authentic selves. No matter what our outlet is: dance, music, art, writing and journaling, they are all full of surprise and wonder.

A necessity in the transformative process is to find time for silence, introspection and inner authority. Entering the realm of stillness requires that you pay attention to your daily rhythms and natural cycles. I enjoy taking a moment of silence before meetings and events, allowing my inner knowing to open. In silence we open to the inner realm of knowing and broaden previous understandings and experience. Intentionally stopping and being in silence is a simple practice that may feel uncomfortable, but over time can become a refuge.

When allowing these seeds of curiosity, creativity and stillness to mature, many times they will grow into direct knowing of authentic knowledge within our awareness. New realizations can be fragile just like the new sprouts in our garden. To have them blossom we need to reinforce them with practices like contemplative prayer or mindfulness meditation.

Because we’ve had an exceptional experience doesn’t mean we have a pass for a free ride. Instead we have tasted our potential and understand the imperative to evolve. It is a call from our authentic self to participate in the transformative process. Holding the intention of being open to transformation always helps us recognize the opportunities for transformation that present themselves in our daily life. This way we become “coconspirators” in the evolution.

There is a need to bring attention and awareness to our “Witness” or “Observer Self,” in everything we do. That way we become aware of any behaviors like addictions and jealousies that drive our wants and needs. Like pulling weeds, only by seeing them clearly can we overcome these self limiting habits. Cultivating mindful attention and awareness is an act of liberation. A range of techniques are available for learning to discipline the mind. Use the tools of mindful attention to substantially increase the transformative potential of our practice.

Guidance can come from external or internal wisdom. A teacher or mentor is a solid path to take with many known benefits. A good teacher should be balanced by our own internal wisdom. We are the best in discerning if a practice is working in our transformation. Practice on its own isn’t enough, always balance practice with life experiences. If practice becomes an end to, rather than a means, it can become an obstacle to the transformative process. Practice is a sort of flashlight we shine on our inner world to illuminate insight. Once you've gained the sight, there is no need for the flashlight.

The ego, the sense of a self as separate from the world, can become overactive and keep us out of our hearts and in our minds. Ego pulls us out of the present and into the past or future, out of our deeper wisdom and living shallowly. Yet, it is a mistake to try to destroy the ego, instead one of our primary functions in the transformative process is to reestablish an internal balance between ego and soul, or self and other, doing and being. Remove ego from the driver seat and let your creative, intuitive self have a turn at the wheel.

Keep the transformative process moving toward increased insight by shaking things up. Try something different. Use a purification ritual to shed the old baggage or beliefs both spiritually and emotionally. Try living in the moment, developing a deep sense of gratitude, joy and love for your present environment. It takes courage and commitment but try surrendering to the mystery and allow life to unfold and worry less about the past or future. Stop resisting and get out of the way, so you can find your sense of aliveness and engage in life with the fullest loving intention. The transformative process opens us to the fundamental human core of love and divine truth. Once we learn how to open that door it’s like a well oiled hinge, it opens easily.

Understand that transformation is a form of spirituality integrated into all aspects of life, not a hat you put on and take off. It affects all arenas of the daily experience, goings and comings, work, play, in the car or at home; not just when we are in a sacred place, meditating or on a ten day retreat. Many times we spend our time attending workshop after workshop, group after group and we feel exhilarated at the time, only to return home and have difficulty integrating what we learned or experienced. We are attempting to be part-time yogis. The purpose of a transformative path is to change our way of being full time.

Finding a like-minded community with whom we can share our transformative process is essential. Our dominant culture does not always support a consciousness transformation that emphasizes meaning over materialism. Having people in our life who support our metamorphosis helps fortify our young blossoming plant. Transformative development happens in the context of shared experience and with connections, guides and peers. Being part of a community also helps us with learning how to behave with other people. New on the horizon are Internet and teleconferencing based meetings that have the potential of reaching even the most isolated individuals.

Use simple reminders on a daily basis to remember the transformation in our lifes. These can act as a trigger to keep us working in the present. Also develop ways to take action bringing our new perspective into the world. It can be creative expression or a form of service to others. When we take our ideals and put them into practice through action, we create powerful experiences. We can use conscious intention to propel ourselves forward with positive meaning and choose the life we want.

What’s interesting is the reversal that takes place. At first our transformative activities fed our life, now our life feeds our transformation, by living the art of transformation. It takes courage to live life with an authentic awakening and realized truth. It means facing everything and no longer pushing things we do not want to deal with in the corner. It requires bravery, commitment and love to be who you really are or risk the awakened state diminishing.

Now take what you have learned, the insights and direct experiences and give them form. Become the embodiment of your transformative process. Becoming the Spirit of each life interaction, we become the practice of our truths and love, making it a seamless and graceful partnership with our higher consciousness. Be a convergence of life and practice where yoe bring the fruits of your life journey back home.

The most common element of consciousness transformation is when self awareness extends beyond the boundaries of the individual personality and we find the interconnectedness of all beings. There is a gradual realization that there isn't any separation, with a knowing of unity and yet our soul is intact. Tentatively at first we step from center stage into the flow of shared identity. Transcendence from “I” onto “We”, is a natural progression people are finding globally; the shift is aways here and available to everyone. There is a growing intensity worldwide of shifting our consciousness and awakening.

As the transformative process progresses we experience an expanded view of reality and our place in it. Often we are led to a greater intimacy and interrelatedness with the people in our lives. A different kind of love plants a seed of openness and authenticity with everyone we interact with throughout the day. Many express how this process has opened their hearts, making them believe the transformative process is not a series of steps, but the path to love.

Compassion and a need to relieve suffering grows from this universal love. A love that calls us to act in ways to remedy suffering. The more we walk our paths with an open heart the more we realize that everything is sacred and divine.

Aha! Transformation isn’t really a change at all, but an unveiling and reorganizing of who we are and finding the divine that’s already within. Then we see the spiritual light shines brightly through every living being. With that comes a responsibility to be in balance with all life by staying awake and aware. With this noetic understanding our concern for a sustainable life is intertwined with all lives.

So tend the garden with a practice that is comfortable for you. Fertilize the soil, pull the weeds, stake the seedlings and provide the environment for the natural, never ending transformation process and rest ever more into your authentic self. The potential for awakening to enlightenment is within us because we are all interconnected beings of light and part of the greater all.

Not all transformative paths start with an exceptional experience, but most begin with some kind of deeply felt, unshakable realization. This shift can be triggered by something as subtle as reading a blog.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wow, what a ride!

Since February 2010, Cindy and I had been a participant in the Next Top Spiritual Author Contest. Thank you James Twyman, Robert Evans, and Randy Davilla.

Almost 3,000 authors started in this contest at the beginning of 2010, and for the next round there were 271 authors selected from those starters. That collection of 271 books and their authors were presented an opportunity to continue through into Round 3.

We were very lucky and honored to have been one of 271 to go through to Round 2 with our book Voyage of Purpose; Wisdom from the Ocean of Light

Though we were not one of the 25 chosen for that round of the contest, We are extremely proud to have participated and to have been among the 10 percent of authors who made it through to Round 2.

I also had the pleasure of banding together with four wonderful authors and we supported each other through that second round.

A special thank you also goes to all the people who left comments at our Next Top Spiritual Author voting page, and to all our subscribers, readers and followers who voted for Voyage of Purpose; Wisdom from the Ocean of Light. We will be moving forward building on the success we had in the contest by submitting proposals to Agents and Publishers.

Congratulations to EVERY author who had the courage to register in this incredible contest.

Here are the 25 authors who moved through to Round 3. Wish each success with the next stage of their journey…

Miriam Evers and Howard Staples
Ezio and Michelle De Angelis
Doug De Vito
Renee Baribeau
Ted Knutz
Sandy Harper
Chris Cade
Mabel Katz
Kimberly Coots
Julia Griffin
Faye N. Rosie
Toni LaMotta
Cindy Teevens    
Amanda Jayne
Linda Martella-Whitsett
Jay Speights
Barbara Schiffman and Camille Leon
Krista Kirkwood
Scott Brandon Hoffman
Cat Thompson
Elizabeth Foley
Stuart Rosen
Ana Vidal and Antoinette O’Connell
Glenn Schiffman
Cheryl Hiebert

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Well, the Voting is over…

Thats right, on Tuesday July 6th the Next Top Spiritual Author contest will announce the twenty five authors that advance to round three.

In the next round there will not be a public vote but you will be able to read more of the book as we submit more chapters for the expert panel of authors, publishing experts and the publisher Hampton Roads to review.

We want to express our gratitude for all the support we receive from everyone. As a Thank you for taking time to vote for Voyage of Purpose. We want to gift you Cindy’s Shapeshifting into Earth MP3 meditation & some of David's empowering Daily Reflections in a down-loadable PDF. Just pop us an email for the links at email to:

If you haven't already done so please use this link to read our Outline/Proposal

We are very hopeful and excited to see who advances to the next round. So keep sending that positive energy toward our book Voyage of Purpose: Wisdom from the Ocean of Light. No mater the outcome Cindy and I are moving forward.

We have learned so much through this competition..  it really didn't feel like a competition. The people in charge gave us so much mentoring and instruction on how to publish a spiritual book in today's market. They gave us the tools necessary to move forward and passed on to us so many ideas about marketing our book once it is published.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Thank you so much to everyone who supported us in the 1st round. 
Because of you we have advance to the 2nd Round of the Next Top Spiritual Author. We invite you to enjoy the Outline/Proposal for our book "Voyage of Purpose" and bless us with your Vote for the next step in the competition.
Yes we need your Vote again. :-)

This competition is focused on finding authors who have a message about personal and spiritual growth that appeals to the spiritual market. This market includes authors like James Twyman, Neale Donald Walsch, Wayne Dyer, James Redfield, Abraham Hicks, etc.

In this first round, the authors rallied the support of those they know and learned the art of promoting their message and book. The votes they got from their efforts, random votes from people who visit this site, and peer vote from other authors generated a final score at the end of the first round, on May 3rd, 2010.

The top 250 authors have now advance to round 2 where we write and submit a book proposal. The proposal is available now for the public to read and vote for authors to advance to Round 3. Also a panel of judges that will review the proposals and review the public voting to determine who will be the 25 authors to advance to round 3.

In Round 3 an expert panel of authors, publishing experts, the publisher Hampton Roads Publishing will review final Round 3 submissions and then choose the final 5 authors where among them will be a winner of the grand prize.

Thank you for taking time to vote for Voyage of Purpose. We want to gift you Cindy’s Shapeshifting into Earth MP3 meditation & some of David's empowering Daily Reflections in a down-loadable PDF.  Just pop us an email for the links. mail to: 

If you haven't already done so please use this link to read our Outline/Proposal and vote:

Voters will need to log in and once they do they will be given a list of the authors they voted for in Round 1 and a quick link back to their profile to preview the new information and vote again if they want.
If you haven't voted in the past, ~ All you need to do in order to vote is:
1. click on the link
2. It will ask you to register (this avoids a person voting for the same author a million times) They only ask name and email and to make a password.
3. then they send you an email confirmation, In it will be a link to get back to our page and
4. just click on VOTE! its that easy.
Please Note: The Vote button will not show up until that author has submitted their book proposal.

Our profile is under Bennett and our Author ID is 1098

You can vote for more than one author but only once per author. That way you can vote for many new aspiring spiritual authors.

We are excited about this contest! 
It would be such a boost if we won!

Thank you for taking time to vote for Voyage of Purpose. We want to gift you Cindy’s Shapeshifting into Earth MP3 meditation & some of David's empowering Daily Reflections in a down-loadable PDF. 

Just pop us an email for the links, mail to: 

Voyage of Purpose has the potential to reach many more and our hope is you will please vote for our book so it can reach those in need of the inspirational messages within.