Now Available for Pre-Ordering

Now Available for Pre-Ordering
"Voyage of Purpose" © David and Cindy Bennett. released by Findhorn Press, Scotland, October 2011

About Us

David Bennett is a public speaker, author, and teacher. His two NDEs changed his life’s focus as he answered a call of service into the health care industry as a dialysis manager. Since recovering from cancer,  David has retired and devotes his time to spreading his message.   
David is very involved in the NDE community.  He has lectured at the 2005 International Conference of IANDS, and shared his inspirational message at IANDS groups across the country.
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His NDE and Cancer stories can be found on his website

David is currently the leader of Upstate New York IANDS, (International Association for Near Death Studies) where he facilitates a monthly experiencer support group and additional every other month public meetings. David serves on the planning committee for, helping coordinate the 2006 through 2012 Near-Death Experiencer Spiritual Retreats in St. Louis, MO.  He also serves as an adviser to the Board of Directors of the American Center for the Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experiencers (ACISTE). 

Cindy Griffith-Bennett is an internationally renowned Psychic, teacher, and author, with a diverse background in Metaphysics and Energetic Healing. Bringing her broad base of knowledge together, she created Metaphysics Interactive in 1999, a monthly lecture series. It is currently the longest lecture series at Borders Bookstore in Syracuse, NY.  In 1993, Cindy founded the Center of Holistic Support in Greenwich, Connecticut.  Now living in the Finger Lake region of New York with her husband, David, she has clients throughout the USA and abroad.  She has taught and counseled throughout the East Coast. Cindy currently markets and sells her Meditation CD’s, Class CD’s and Class DVD’s at her lectures, local bookstores in Central NY and her website.

Cindy holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Spiritual Counseling and Healing from SUNY Empire State. She is an Ordained Reverend in the Priesthood according to the Order of Melchizedek, and is a graduate of a three year Metaphysical Teacher Training Program based upon the teaching of the Theosophical School and other spiritual Masters. She also graduated from Openway, a four year healing school in Charlottesville, Va. She has traveled and written published articles on her spiritual journeys through Egypt, Greece, Italy, and Ireland as well as received three days of teaching from the Dalai Lama.
Cindy offers a daily Tarot Numerology to help you make the most of the day's energy as well as a daily affirmation to get your day off to the right start on FaceBook and Twitter