Now Available for Pre-Ordering

Now Available for Pre-Ordering
"Voyage of Purpose" © David and Cindy Bennett. released by Findhorn Press, Scotland, October 2011

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wow, what a ride!

Since February 2010, Cindy and I had been a participant in the Next Top Spiritual Author Contest. Thank you James Twyman, Robert Evans, and Randy Davilla.

Almost 3,000 authors started in this contest at the beginning of 2010, and for the next round there were 271 authors selected from those starters. That collection of 271 books and their authors were presented an opportunity to continue through into Round 3.

We were very lucky and honored to have been one of 271 to go through to Round 2 with our book Voyage of Purpose; Wisdom from the Ocean of Light

Though we were not one of the 25 chosen for that round of the contest, We are extremely proud to have participated and to have been among the 10 percent of authors who made it through to Round 2.

I also had the pleasure of banding together with four wonderful authors and we supported each other through that second round.

A special thank you also goes to all the people who left comments at our Next Top Spiritual Author voting page, and to all our subscribers, readers and followers who voted for Voyage of Purpose; Wisdom from the Ocean of Light. We will be moving forward building on the success we had in the contest by submitting proposals to Agents and Publishers.

Congratulations to EVERY author who had the courage to register in this incredible contest.

Here are the 25 authors who moved through to Round 3. Wish each success with the next stage of their journey…

Miriam Evers and Howard Staples
Ezio and Michelle De Angelis
Doug De Vito
Renee Baribeau
Ted Knutz
Sandy Harper
Chris Cade
Mabel Katz
Kimberly Coots
Julia Griffin
Faye N. Rosie
Toni LaMotta
Cindy Teevens    
Amanda Jayne
Linda Martella-Whitsett
Jay Speights
Barbara Schiffman and Camille Leon
Krista Kirkwood
Scott Brandon Hoffman
Cat Thompson
Elizabeth Foley
Stuart Rosen
Ana Vidal and Antoinette O’Connell
Glenn Schiffman
Cheryl Hiebert

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Well, the Voting is over…

Thats right, on Tuesday July 6th the Next Top Spiritual Author contest will announce the twenty five authors that advance to round three.

In the next round there will not be a public vote but you will be able to read more of the book as we submit more chapters for the expert panel of authors, publishing experts and the publisher Hampton Roads to review.

We want to express our gratitude for all the support we receive from everyone. As a Thank you for taking time to vote for Voyage of Purpose. We want to gift you Cindy’s Shapeshifting into Earth MP3 meditation & some of David's empowering Daily Reflections in a down-loadable PDF. Just pop us an email for the links at email to:

If you haven't already done so please use this link to read our Outline/Proposal

We are very hopeful and excited to see who advances to the next round. So keep sending that positive energy toward our book Voyage of Purpose: Wisdom from the Ocean of Light. No mater the outcome Cindy and I are moving forward.

We have learned so much through this competition..  it really didn't feel like a competition. The people in charge gave us so much mentoring and instruction on how to publish a spiritual book in today's market. They gave us the tools necessary to move forward and passed on to us so many ideas about marketing our book once it is published.